Founded back in the 1940s, a comprehensive product portfolio is used to support uptime, prolong service life and protect people and factories. Pneumatic Products compressed air dryers, filters, absorbers, mist eliminators and drain valves help to produce compressed air reserves that are free from unwanted moisture and contaminants, which could impinge on operational effectiveness and lead to damage of related equipment over time. Our flame arrestors prevent explosions from occurring when combustible gases are being dealt with. Furthermore, natural gas dryers play a pivotal role in the conditioning of natural gas supplies, so that they are distributed and dispensed with the utmost operational efficiency and minimal product wastage. Finally, Pneumatic Products breathing air purifiers and analyzers help to protect workers from the hazardous fumes and vapors often present in industrial environments. Among the main industry sectors that Pneumatic Products serves are petrochemical, chemical, aerospace, food/beverage, metals and pulp/paper processing. At the heart of all Pneumatic Products industrial equipment is a fundamental objective to combine elevated performance with energy-efficient operation.